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First Impressions are the last: 10 Tips to Ace Your First Date

Congratulations for working up the courage to ask that special someone out! What comes next is no piece of cake. Planning your first date can be really nerve-wracking, but don’t worry! Here are 10 tips that truly make for a great first date.

Tip #1: Choose the Perfect Place!

The location that you pick will say a lot about you as a person.Here are some suggestions that work:

  • Take them to a local restaurant or a buzzing coffee shop so that if it doesn’t work out (rare chance!), you won’t feel like an idiot for putting in too much effort.

  • You can never go wrong with a classic movie and dinner date! According to a recent survey, 78% of men called it their safest bet.

  • Going someplace casual is always better than fine dining on your first date. Conversations thrive in casual settings and make it more likely for you two to hit it off!

Tip #2: Don’t be late!

Survey shows, 4 out 5 women ranked being late as their biggest first date pet peeve! Regardless of gender, no one wants to feel like they’re being stood up. By being late, you subtly communicate that they weren’t enough of a priority for you to plan your day ahead of time. Being on time will make you seem like you’re committed to the process and making sincere efforts.

Tip #3: Dress to Impress!

The way you dress is the first thing your date will notice about you. The perfect outfit will not only leave a stellar first impression but will also boost your own psychological state and performance. Piecing the right outfit together can be tough; here’s what you can do:

  • According to color psychologists, wearing outfits in your best colors are the best to wear on a first date.

  • Wearing something in your comfort zone, without making it too casual, is your safest bet.

  • Avoid looking overly trendy. Loud patterns and insufferable patterns will make you appear unapproachable. Simple, classic styles and solid colors are your best friends.

Tip #4: Ace That Body Language!

Saying all the right things may not count in your favor if your body language doesn’t comply. Research proves that nonverbal cues are your loudest mode of communication. Lean in and make eye contact when your date is talking; it will woo them off their feet! According to a behavioral study, mirroring their smiles and minor shifts is a great way to subconsciously reflect your interest in them.

Some gestures to avoid are

  • Crossing your arms or keeping them tucked inside your pockets. This will make you appear as if you’re closed off or too full of yourself.

  • Looking around the room will either make you look bored or like you’re checking someone else out. That’s no fun for anyone!

  • Keep your phone tucked away, and only check it if absolutely necessary. This hack will make your date feel like you are present, with all your energies centered on them.

Tip #5: Ask the Right Questions!

You don’t want your first date to seem like an interview, hence prepare a list of get-to-know-you questions that stir up a conversation, without sounding intimidating. Ask them what their ideal day looks like, or if they have any crazy travel stories. What is something they always wanted to try? Their favorite memory with their family? What are they thankful for? Asking the right questions will reveal so much more about them to you than you think!

Tip #6: Hold a Conversation

While getting ready for your date, remember that your immediate goal is to get to know them. The key to being interesting is to be interested. No one wants to spend the entire night listening to someone talking obsessively about themselves. Letting the conversation flow will also allow you to discover if the two of you hold similar values. Here’s what you can do:

  • Show curiosity. If your date is talking about something that doesn’t particularly interest you, act like you’re fully invested in the conversation

  • Ask follow-up questions. Make your date feel heard, and hopefully, they will reciprocate!

Tip #7: Compliment them

According to an SIA survey, 94% of single women wanted to be complimented on their appearance on the first date. As clichéd as this may sound if they took the effort to clean up for the date, they deserve a compliment or two. Make sure your compliments aren’t generic or creepy like: “you look very pretty.” Be specific. Compliments are also not restricted to physical appearance only. Appreciate the way they laugh or tell them that they make you feel very comfortable. Sincere compliments will go a long way!

Tip #8: Be Positive!

Don’t start complaining about your toxic ex or any other problems that you may have faced in life. Your first date must always exude positivity. You can discuss all that later! Complaining too much on your first date will make you seem like you have a lot of baggage, which is an instant turn-off!

Tip #9: Be Yourself!

As long as you haven’t lied excessively in your dating profile, this should come naturally to you. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Discover your element and let it radiate through your words and demeanor. Chances are, this is the person you’d be hitting a home run with, you may as well let them see what is to come.

Tip #10: Follow Up!

At the end of your date, make sure they know you’re interested in seeing them again. Casually ask them out again as you’re parting or maybe invite them to check out the new pizza place that has opened down the block. Text them to make sure they got home safe and call them up the next day so that they know you’re genuinely interested.


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