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The Dos and Don’ts of Dating Apps Conversation

Whether you’re looking for your soulmate or a short fling with an interesting stranger,conversations are the starting point of everything you can do on a dating app. However,with millions of users trying their luck with online dating, primary school textbook greetings don’t cut it anymore; nor does small talk about the weather or cliché compliments about your addressee’s appearance. You need conversation starters that could ignite a spark; and compliments that get a fire going

Why Conversations are Crucial in Online Dating

During in-person interactions, even if you don’t say anything, the other person can gather a lot from your body language and facial expressions. But, when you are online, the otherperson can’t pick up non-verbal communication. They can’t tell if you smiled while looking through their pictures or got starry eyes while reading about their interests. The texts you send and the words you write in your bio are all you have to tell them who you are and deliver a great first impression. Your Choice of words can make or break your love life. Here Are the dos and don’ts of chatting on dating apps that can help your love life thrive. First,the don’ts:

DON’T Give Creepy Compliments

“You have beautiful eyes” is super basic, but it ranks higher than “you have a nice mouth”on the list of positive responses. Why so? Because the latter comes off as creepy, making the block button suddenly look very tempting.Steer clear of any comments that sexualize the other person, even if you mean them as compliments. Overly familiar pet names (Babe/sweetie/hubby/wifey) can also be a huge turn-off

DON’T Use Googled or Uncreative Pickup Lines

Pickup lines can be amusing and impressive (read: smooth) if used correctly. But you don’t want to seem like someone who relies on copy-paste to compensate for their lack of interest or brain cells. For example, “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” would make a horrible conversation starter.

Firstly, the person you are courting most likely read it off the internet or had it hurled at them in middle school corridors. Secondly, it says that you can’t read the room. To reiterate, you’re not walking anywhere; you’re sitting behind a screen, typing away.

DON’T Act in a Way that Qualifies You as a Red Flag

Barely anyone gets a good impression of a stranger who texts five times in a row and pings yet again if you don’t reply within the first five minutes. A human red flag is a person who:

  • Has mastered the art of narcissism and talks solely about themself.

  • Makes the chat seem like an interview without sharing anything in return.

  • Cherrypicks the texts they want to address and ignores the rest.

Finally, don’t let these don’ts make you shy or underconfident. There are plenty of dos that you can follow for striking fruitful conversations.

DO Take Help from their Bio

On the internet, bios are like headlines about people. They may give you pros/cons, favorite movies, songs, foods, or their dating preferences. If you matched, chances are you found something attractive.

Perhaps your potential date is also a Marvel fan, worships Lorde, or equally enjoys hating on the human race in their free time. Bringing up their interests can keep the conversation upbeat.

DO Gauge the Personality behind the Photos

When you run out of topics, their uploaded pictures can be life-savers. Is there an animal that frequently appears in their photos? Toss in a question about pets. Do they like being photographed in diverse locations? Here’s your cue to bring up travel plans.

Do you spot some book in their hands or headphones around their neck? It may be the perfect reference for learning their taste.

Photos can also offer you brilliant alternatives for potentially-creepy compliments. For instance, “You visited museums and art galleries? You seem like a very fun person to hangwith!” or “That lasagna photo says you’re an excellent chef.”

DO Be Yourself and Keep it Upfront

Lastly, be the most exciting version of yourself. To put it differently, resist all urges to play as someone you are not. It is vital if you’re looking for chemistry and a lasting connection.

Even if you want to keep it casual, make sure you’re not leading them on. Keep it lively, and you’ll be a dating guru in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Get on NticeMe and start Nticing!


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