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Slaying It Without Saying It

For most people, finding love and living happily ever after has been the goal for pretty much forever. But love is elusive and even after you think you’ve gotten a glimpse of it, it can be hard to achieve. We’ve been brought up on legendary tales of love, where tall, dark, and handsome heroes give up everything for the loves of their lives. These stories have trained our brains to see love in a certain way, and it’s given us really high expectations for our relationships.

We expect to find love that’s true. The kind of love that’s full of attention and care, that thrives on kindness and attention and makes us feel happy and content. The genuine kind of love that sweeps us off our feet and makes the world go round. Now, the question everyone has is, how do we find that kind of love? Does it even exist?

We’ve got good news for you: true love definitely exists, but it requires effort from both sides of the relationship. When you’re after something real, just saying “I love you” isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to have to show that you love your partner, and that covers just about every single way you interact with them. It’s all in the words, the gestures, and everyday expressions of love that pass a lot of us by.

You’ve got to be detail-oriented, but it’s going to be a while before you become a pro at it. But there’s no need to sweat on it because we’re here to help! Here are six important ways you can slay it without saying it.

1. Be Attentive

Nothing says “I love you” louder than small, attentive gestures. Whether it’s a caring look, a pat on a shoulder, or an empathetic ear, people crave attention from their loved ones. Love isn’t quantifiable, but it’s definitely a quantity that grows the more you feed it. And there’s no better fuel than showing your partner that they’re important to you.

It’s the little things that matter, because they let your partner know they’re on your mind throughout the day, and that you mean a lot to them. If you’re attentive, it’ll make them feel seen, heard, and understood, keeping your love alive.

2. Be Appreciative

A kind word every now and then counts for a lot. Expressing your appreciation through praise is an age-old way of showing someone you love them, and it’s stood the test of time.

Studies show that showing gratitude can be key to a happy and long-term relationship, and gestures of appreciation, however small, have a lasting effect on the well-being of a couple. And there are so many ways of expressing appreciation that it’s really easy to make a mark too!

3. Keepsakes

Making keepsakes for your partner, things like notes, framed pictures, or cards, is a great way to make them feel loved. In fact, they contribute a ton to setting up relationships and keeping them fresh. And if we’re honest, gestures don’t get more romantic than a hand-written note commemorating a milestone in your relationship. It’s not even that expensive!

So, if it’s to wish your partner a happy birthday or to mark your anniversary, arrange a little something to remember the occasion by. Keepsakes can become precious to both sides of a relationship since they allow us to relive tender moments and fond memories, and they really make it feel like you’re accomplishing something as a couple (celebrating milestones is important!). Plus, they’re really cute.

4. Flowers

You must’ve known we were working towards this. Whether it’s a dozen tulips or a single rose, flowers are an amazingly sweet romantic gesture- there’s a reason bringing them to a date is a classic move. You really can’t do better than flowers.

But flowers shouldn’t be limited to the first few dates! They’re such great symbols of love, and they convey the romance, affection, and commitment without you needing to say a single word. They may not last that long, but they make a huge amount of impact on relationships in a way that’s both rich and long-lasting.

5. Hugs and Kisses

A perfect relationship needs way more than just words and looks to thrive- it’ll also need communication. And sometimes, the best way to convey what you’re feeling is through simple physical acts like hugs and kisses or holding hands for a few minutes.

These are beautiful, tender expressions of love, and they allow couples to feel close to each other quickly. That’s important for modern working couples who don’t get a lot of time to be with each other. Work can make intimate moments hard to come by, and quick gestures like these are a big part of keeping the fire in a relationship alive.

6. Giving Gifts

This is the most common, and one of the most effective, ways of showing that you love someone. It’s a single act that embodies so many things that we look for in a partner. Things like thoughtfulness, effort, and generosity.

Gifting your partner something meaningful is one of the best ways to make them feel appreciated and loved. Some people think gifting expensive presents is an easy way out, but it’s actually the time and thought that goes into the perfect gift that really makes this such a special expression of love.

Those were some of the ways you can express love for your partner with grace. Looking for someone to try these on? Download #NticeMe and start meeting people!


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