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Making the First Move: Tips and Tricks for Breaking the Ice

Research shows over 70% of women adhere to the “wait-and-watch policy” rather than initiating a conversation. However, research also shows that women who send the first message end up with the most attractive partners. Making the first move helps you radiate confidence and makes you look like someone who is in control. It also saves a lot of time—you wouldn’t want to miss out on the other opportunities that are always out there, waiting for you on NticeMe!

Here are 5 simple tips to up your online dating game and really get the conversation going!

#1. Get your Sherlock on!

A picture is worth a thousand words! A look through their picture s can tell you much more about them than you think. Do they have any animals in their photos? Are they posing on the beach or on the mountains? When you make your first move, show them you made an effort to learn about them. The only precaution is to avoid getting too personal or sounding like a stalker.

Look for clues in their photos. Find out what they are close to or enjoy doing. Mention what you notice in your opener to avoid coming off as generic or nonchalant! If most of their pictures have been taken outdoors, you could ask them if they love nature and what their favorite spots are. A little tip for the future: if it works out you can plan your next in-person date there and make them feel special!

#2. Say something, anything!

Begin with the basics: ask them about their work, their past experiences, and where they are from, without being too intrusive. Keep the beginning of your chat simple and light; that way you’ll make a great first impression. Compliments are also a great way to get the ball rolling, but think beyond the physical.If you are meeting them online, a little something about their dating profile can really take things up a notch. For example, “The quote in your bio is from my favorite movie! You seem to have great taste”.

Research shows most people tend to lose interest if you wait too long before sending a message, hence they are less likely to reply. The initial excitement of being matched leads to quicker replies. Don’t wait, initiate!

#3. Tickle their funny bone

If your icebreaker makes them laugh, there is every chance you’ll get an instant reply! Come up with something funny, but original. Jokes help alleviate tension and make the conversation more fluid. However, if you’re thinking to put your funny foot forward, make sure you are consistent with the ability to keep the joke going. If your icebreaker is witty, but the rest of your replies are dull, they might lose interest. And remember to steer clear of cheesy pick-up lines; be innovative!

#4. Bring up the Bucket List

People love talking about their dreams, even to strangers! Ask them what they’re passionate about; there’s no better way to break into someone’s shell! If it’s traveling, ask them if they have any dream destinations on their bucket list. If it’s taking up a new sport or learning how to cook, be their cheerleader! Talking about their favorite haunts will heat up the conversation and break the awkwardness.

You could mention any wonderful traveling experiences that you might have had. Who knows you both might end up telling each other some embarrassing stories that no one got to hear before. Be the most authentic version of yourself and you’ll find everything falling into the right place. Pro tip: Don’t rely on Google research only to talk about their interest. Be genuine.

#5. Ask the Basic Questions

Ask them about their favorite movie or band. What do they binge watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Who do they jam to while breezing through the highway? Since you guys matched on a great dating site, you never know you might have similar taste too! What if you both end up jamming to your favorite jazz song together; wouldn’t that be fun? Ask them if they like going to the theater or gig nights. Discovering their media preferences is an excellent way to get to know more about them.

#6. Break the Ice before it Melts

Finally, remember that you have to break the ice before it melts because you cannot break the water. You are eventually going to lose the advantage if you wait too long. Don’t wait for the competition and make the first move before someone else does; because it’s the early bird who catches the worm, no pun intended.

So, what are you waiting for? Get online and #NticeMe now!


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