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Searching for a Soul Mate: How to find your Perfect Match

Imagine a notification that says, “Here is the person you’ve been waiting for all your life. Best of luck, and have fun!” You are certain that you’ll hit it off right away and that the other person reciprocates your love.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the algorithm doesn’t work like that. There are no “chosen one” alerts or golden confetti moments. Instead, dating apps offer you hundreds of matches that are based on proximity and shared interests. Although the algorithm can determine that you both enjoy boating, it can’t say if your parenting styles will align. That is precisely why you still need to put in some work to figure out the perfect person for a long-term relationship.

Although most matches don’t reconnect after first dates, a significant chunk of people have got engaged or married through dating apps. According to a survey conducted in 2022, a sizeable 22% of newlywed respondents said they met their partner online. In other words, the numbers are reassuring, and they have risen ever since. So, how do you find twin flame without wasting any more time? Here are some tips that will come in handy when you’re looking for the love of your life.

#1. Be Upfront About Your Expectations

Imagine you go on a date to assess someone for marriage, and they later reveal they were only looking for a casual fling - the disappointment would be immense. To borrow a concept from economics, in this case, you need a double coincidence of wants.

It means connecting with someone who offers what you’re looking for and vice versa. Your bio is an excellent place to express where you stand. For instance, “Only here for a good time” and “craving a meaningful connection” convey wildly different impressions. To find your soul mate, you can also begin by weeding out matches based on what they hope to get.

#2. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Photos

When looking for love, you want someone who is attracted to most, if not all, of your personality. The key to meeting that person is putting yourself out there. If you enjoy travelling and see yourself going on excursion trips in two years, post that jet ski picture. If your dirty pleasure is binge-watching anime, it will serve you well to have a “me time” photo.

Often, it’s the little details that help you stand out. Do you feel that penguins are underrated or enjoy celebrating your birthdays at orphanages? Show it. The small habits may be insanely attractive to your soulmate, so make sure it’s out there.

Likewise, paying attention to your match’s photos is a stellar way of piecing together who they are before you go on a date. It can solve a lot of mysteries, from what excites their imagination to what their ideal weekend looks like.

#3. Stay Open to Fresh Experiences

You may have a mental list of what you want in an ideal person. For instance, tall height, curly hair, a passion for books, and a knack for musical instruments. But psychology reveals that the better half will often come unannounced.

Make sure you’re not putting people in boxes or rejecting the ones that don’t seem your type at first glance. That hyperactive athlete may share your passion for musical theory or fine dining; who knows? The match who doesn’t paint or draw like you may have a respect for art. Give people the opportunity to surprise you!

#4. Be Yourself

It almost goes without saying, but research shows a surprising majority of people lie on dating apps. I get it; it’s convenient and seems harmless. But that is until your ideal match falls for someone you are not.

You may think photo shopping yourself on a horse would be fun until their idea of a perfect date is horse-riding together. So, make sure you portray your real personality, especially if you’re looking for a soulmate.

You may be wondering, “what if my real personality is crying at every minor inconvenience and eating chips on a couch?” In that case, you may have to improvise. The trick is to express interests you’d genuinely like to pursue one day. Let’s put it this way: be the best version of yourself.

#5. Learn the Art of Dating

You immediately clicked with someone, and you guys decided to test it out by going on a date. Great, now how to ensure that you don’t mess it up?

  • Firstly, be smart when picking the location. If you’re uncomfortable with fine dining, having them watch you battle with knives and forks may be mildly embarrassing. It’s best to go somewhere you’re familiar with for a first date.

  • Dress to match the occasion, but don’t overdo it. If you’re going to a doughnut shop, you don’t want to look like a multinational is interviewing you.

  • Remember that compliments make for good icebreakers, but repeatedly mentioning their appearance can seem cringe. Alternatively, you can appreciate their sense of humor or say they bring great vibes to the table.

Follow these hacks smartly, and you’ll find your better half in no time. Your soul mate is searching for someone like you on #NticeMe, get the app today!


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